I’ve been trying to eat at The Unconventional Diner for a while now. I finally went Saturday night and had a great dinner with great friends! During our visit, UD was in the middle of Restaurant Week. Of course we went “off script” and ordered from their regular menu.

I decided to start off with Everything Lox. A more grown up, pretty version of Bagels and Lox (wasabi cream cheese, Lox and fried capers). For my entree, I went with Chicken Parmesan. A delicious chicken breast stuffed with spinach and gruyere, tomato sauce and al dente spaghetti on the side. I actually prefer it that way. It’s easier to get to the spaghetti.

Even though we were placed by the kitchen and the chairs were uncomfortable, I would visit again so I could order the fried chicken. Maybe next time we’ll get a booth.

Everything Lox, grown up edition!

Chicken Parm!

Bourbon Cocktail

My friend’s crispy fried chicken, cheddar & chive biscuit and a cute bottle of hot sauce!