Let me start this off by asking, do you like sardines? Yes? Keep reading. No? Keep reading.

So I tried to do a rift of of St Anselm’s Grilled Sardines – Grilled Sardines with olive tapenade on crunchy bread and a spritz of lemon. I was too lazy to grill the sardines, so I just opened a can and placed them on top of the tapenade/bruschetta. Lol. Okay, it’s definitely not as pretty but still dayum tasty! I just purchased some Ortiz Sardines, so I will definitely try this again. Such an easy snack!

The wine: 2018 Blank Stare from Orin Swift. Lemon. Tart Green Apple. Peach. Minerality. Slightly herbaceous. Salinity. Acidity off the charts. Just freakin delicious!

*Per someone’s suggestion, next time I will try this with an Albariño (a white wine grape grown in Galicia and Northwest Portugal). Bonus points if I can find a sparkling one!

I used a Coravin because I only wanted one glass.
Orin Swift’s Blank Stare
15.5% ABV but doesn’t drink like it.