Texas Riesling and Sushi! Say what?! Yes, 100% Texas wine. This is a 2019 off-dry Riesling made by Cheramie Laws (her first wine!). Cheramie Wines motto is “We believe that you can be and do anything you want. We all have inside of us what we need to live as our highest selves.” Amen to that!

The wine: 100% Riesling from the Texas High Plains. Tropical notes. Citrus. Great acidity. A little sweetness. It’s only 11.9% alcohol. Spicy tuna drizzled with a spicy sauce. *chef’s kiss*

Excited that she just came out with a Montepulciano (a grape originated from central Italy) Rosé. Very interesting grape to select as her next wine. Can’t wait to try it!

Spicy tuna roll drizzled with a spicy sauce