Okay, I’ll be honest I was going to keep these Maker Wine cans for myself. But decided it would be really great to share with friends. I love that the box came with notecards that listed the stories of each winemaker. Their stories are also on the back of each can. So we were able to discuss their stories as we drank their wine. Pretty cool!

The cans went right into the cooler and off to the beach we went. We had the perfect setting and who doesn’t love day drinking! The favorites among the group were the Chenin Blanc, Rosé and Pinot. However, all the cans were really enjoyable! I would totally drink these again. On or off the beach.

2019 Viognier – Campovida Wines

2018 Chenin Blanc – Revolution Wines

2019 Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc – Bodkin Wines

2018 Rosé – Bodkin Wines

2019 Pinot Noir – Handley Cellars

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon – Sutro Wine Co.

Inside the box are the stories of each winemaker
Campovida Wines
Revolution Wines
Bodkin Wines
Handley Cellars
Sutro Wine Co.