Beautiful dark purple. I let it sit in my glass for 30 mins while I made my lamb burger and tater tots (you know that’s a Drinky LaRue house favorite). Definitely let it open up, the alcohol is not as pronounced. Without it, it’s a little hot at 14.3%.

I love that each bottle is numbered and it came with a person note signed by Brooke & Justin. “JB Neufeld is Justin’s side project and being the winemaker for Gilbert Cellars is his full time job. He took the job as winemaker for Gilbert Cellars in August of 2007.” Dedicated. Thoughtful. Precise.

The wine: JB Neufeld 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. A Washington State Cab

As it opens, it becomes so silky. Just as I lift the glass to my nose, the aroma jumps out at me. It’s beautifully floral. Baking spices. Violet. Tart Cherry. Blackberry. Yes, the heat has blown away. I decided to take the rest over to my friend’s house to share. Someone else needed to experience this wine (she really enjoyed it too!).

This is some good sh*t. I’m going to save my second bottle for a few years to see how it evolves.