You ever have one of those days that you sat at your computer and all you could think about is opening a bottle of wine (of course you have!). That’s been me all day! By the time I finished with my work day and running errands, I find myself floating to my wine stash. Feeling slightly energized, I reach for a Bourgogne Rouge (Pinot Noir) by Domaine Michel Juillot. A nice, easy drinking Pinot for around $17-23 (ABV 13%). I normally don’t reach for Pinot but since it “feels like” 103 degrees outside, today called for a lighter/medium bodied wine.

Okay, this Pinot has a nice bright color. My mood is changing already. Upon the first intoxicating smell, it’s a little earthy, funky. After letting it sit in my glass for about 30 minutes (to open up), it’s giving me tart cherry. This was the perfect bottle.

I’m too lazy for real food tonight. So it’ll be just popcorn and Red wine – à la Olivia Pope (Man, I miss Scandal)!

I think this will be a two glass night. To save the rest of the bottle, I’m going to use my Repour wine saver and drink the rest in a few days.