I’m supposed to start writing about wine and maybe some other stuff. But when you’re a novice writer, where do you start? Especially where do you start when you have to add wine in the mix? I’ve been told by numerous people, you just start! I have been a wine lover for the last 15-20 years (did I just give away my age??). So it should be easy for me to write about something I love. Right?

I started with White Zinfandel, like most people I know. I left a lot of my friends in the White Zin and Sweet wine category. Sweet wine never worked for me (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). I’ve just always been different. I love the taste of Bourbon/Whiskey and even Tequila. When people turn up their faces when drinking, a big smile comes across mine. So it seemed only natural that my palette gravitated to Full Bodied Cabernet, Syrah and Zinfandels (yes, Zinfandel).

On my first trip to the land of Full Bodied Cabernets (Napa), ya’ll I was hooked! On this trip, I was lucky to take a Wine Immersion Class from Karen MacNeil (Author of the Wine Bible). I even have my signed certificate hanging proudly on my frig. Napa made me fall deeper and deeper in love with wine.

What a journey it has been. From joining tasting clubs, to visiting wineries around the world, to studying and hopefully passing my CSW exam. I don’t know where this wine journey will take me but please join me on this ride! I sure could use a co-pilot!