Yesterday was a snowy day in the DMV. We haven’t had “real snow” I think since 2017 or 2018. That’s crazy for this area. We always get tons of snow. I hope people remember how to drive in snow and icy conditions (be careful out there!).

I decided to stay in and pour myself a cocktail. A Boulevardier – bourbon/whiskey, vermouth and a liqueur (not sure what kind of liqueur, Campari is what you normally would get). This Boulevardier is by Republic Restoratives. The same folks that made the Madam Vice President whiskey (see previous post).

Ahhh it’s the little lazy things. I literally got my chilled coupe (you can use an Old Fashioned glass and add ice instead), opened the bottle, poured it into my glass and garnished with an orange zest. No extra bottles. No mixing. Cocktail ready!

The weather outside is frightful but this cocktail made it delightful.