Before: So, I decided at the last minute to come to Story District’s Breaking Bread “Stories from Celebrity Chefs and Industry Insiders” by myself. Story District’s mission is to “build community, promote empathy, and enrich an understanding of our common humanity through the art of autobiographical storytelling.” At first, I wasn’t feeling it but thought why not? I don’t have to mingle with folks or dress up (my Uggs were fine). I just have to sit and listen. There are a few of my favs scheduled to speak (Carla Hall, Kwame Onwuachi) about their lives. I’m super excited to just listen.
After: I’m so glad I went. There was a lot of laughter with each speaker, but also a lot of vulnerability. Probably more than I could ever display. I found it amazing how each speaker could be so open. Is it because they don’t personally know us? Or is this therapeutic for them? Or are they just trying to help/reach someone? Darn I should have asked this during the Q&A.
I will say, these folks are Professionals. Teachers. Thinkers. Storytellers. Open Books. Real Human Beings. These folks are emotional goals.
MC: Vijai Nathan; Storytellers: Cathy Barrow, Pati Jinich, Kwame Onwuachi, Joe Yonan, Ashish Alfred and Carla Hall